Medical Diet Request


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    Please enter your child's details.

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    Please enter your contact details. These details will be used to verify your identity with your child's school. Please ensure you use the same email address you have registered with the school.

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  • 4 Allergies

    Please select from the list of allergens and / or medical conditions, or enter your child's allergy / medical condition below if it is not listed.
    If your child already has a medical diet and you are updating their record, please include all allergies and conditions, including those you have previously informed us of.

    Please note, for us to provide your child with a medical diet for allergies that fall outside the EU FIC allergens, you may be asked to provide medical evidence in the form of letter from a GP, dietitian, or paediatrician.
    If you are unable to provide this on request, it may not be possible to provide a medical diet.

  • 5 Medical Conditions
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  • 7 Data Storage Consent

    By completing this medical diet request form, parents/guardians are consenting for an adapted medical diet menu to be prepared for their child. The medical diet menu will continue until Elior is notified in writing otherwise. You will receive a copy of the medical diet menu and are required to notify any discrepancies immediately. If you do not notify any discrepancies prior to the menu start date, this will signify the acceptance of the medical diet menu. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform Elior in the case of any changes to the medical diet requested for their child.

    The personal data about your child contained within this form will be stored and used to create a medical diet menu for your child to ensure they receive the correct meal. You can withdraw your consent at any time, but please note that if you do so, we will not be able to continue to provide your child with a medical diet.

    Elior can provide a jacket potato with a suitable filling from the date of receipt of a medical diet request until the date a medical diet menu has been confirmed for a child. Otherwise, parents must provide a packed lunch meal as an interim measure.

    Elior will not participate in the reintroduction of allergens or partial exclusion of allergens. For example, we cannot support reintroduction of milk using a milk ladder or differentiate between cooked, baked or raw egg. The allergen will be fully excluded from the child's menu until we receive written confirmation from the parent/guardian that the child can tolerate the allergen in full.

    We reserve the right to refuse to provide a meal if it is deemed to be too complex or high risk to safely manage at the school.

    I consent to Elior processing this personal data for the purpose of providing a medical diet and I confirm that I have read and understand the above.

    Please note that if ANY details within this form change, you must inform us immediately by requesting and completing a change of details form from your child's school.

    Please visit our website to view our full privacy policy.

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